The Wild Sonnets: Volume I (1-100)

The paperback edition of the first 100 Wild Sonnets - written between 2016-17. Order online from the publisher's BookShop site.

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About The Wild Sonnets

As a writer, I admire and am deeply influenced by poets such as Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas, Emily Dickinson and others for whom the sounds of the language are as crucial to the poetic experience as the meanings of the words. With this series, I have created my own take on the sonnet form – which maintains the structure and stricture of the tradition, while allowing a more fluid interpretation of both the rhythm and rhyme schemes.

Essentially, a Wild Sonnet is two stanzas of seven lines each - composed of ambling iambics and capped with a rhyming couplet.

I add several new poems each week, which I post to my Instagram feed. When I reach the next 100 poems, I publish those in paperback as an individual volume, and add them to the digital book version, which includes all the Wild Sonnets to date.

Whether you choose to own a volume or not, I thank you for your interest in my writing.

A Selection from the First 200 Wild Sonnets