Revel’s Rivals

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Revel’s Rivals won the “Best Animated Feature” at the 2012 Louisville International Festival of Film.

Designed in vibrantly-colored 2D animation, this is an entirely G-rated feature for adults that shows how childishly we behave in all things related to love.

The  character design, animation and voice performance were all created by the author.

The plot – such as it is – follows a clever town rascal named Revello, who agrees to help three young men the hearts and hands of the women they love. However, the ladies fall for Revello instead until he can outwit them all, and bring the right couples together.


All of the characters were originally created in Poser 7, then disassembled into hinging body parts in Photoshop CS3, and reassembled in CrazyTalk Animator (version 1.0 on PC).

Backgrounds and set pieces – minimal as they are – were also designed in Photoshop.

The voices were originally recorded in GarageBand, then mastered in Logic 9.

All animation was created in CrazyTalk Animator – it has a great feature that lets you pull in the audio file for a character’s dialogue, and it syncs the movements of the mouth to match.

Titling was produced in Motion 4, and the final edit was compiled in Final Cut Pro X.

Everything was done on a 27″ iMac – CrazyTalk Animator was run in BootCamp mode. Reallusion recently released their 2.0 version of the application for Mac, which will be a great help on the next feature.