Delirium’s Daughters
The Clurman Theatre | Theatre Row • NYC

New York Times | August 9, 2015 | Anita Gates (Review)
Things turn complex and lovely when the ghost appears in “Delirium’s Daughters.” It’s not a real ghost. Giovio isn’t dead; he has cleverly faked his own demise so that everyone will think kindly of him, especially his girlfriend’s father, who has rejected him as a prospective son-in-law. So he visits the man in the middle of the night.
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Theatre Is Easy | August 2, 2015 | Sarah Weber (Review)
Commedia dell’arte cleverly meets modern sensibilities in this comedy that delightfully exemplifies its own title—delirium. Nicholas Korn has taken the spectrum of madness in our daily lives and condensed it into a 70 minute romp.
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In New York | August 4, 2015 | Katie Labovitz (Review)
Four marriage proposals among the three daughters of one eccentric widower lead to countless moments of laughter in the return of Nicholas Korn’s Delirium’s Daughters. This play, that made its world premiere in February 2015, successfully uses speedy dialogue and a sparse set (just two benches and the façade of a home) to create an entire world of colorful characters in the town of Aviano, Italy.
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Delirium’s Daughters
The Studio Theatre | Theatre Row • NYC

NY Theatre Guide | March 2, 2015 | Jeff Myhre (Review)
Delirium’s Daughters is a witty, funny and delightful comedy that is easily one of the best shows currently in New York.
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Talking Broadway| February 28, 2015 | Howard Miller (Review)
Farce, slapstick, and general tomfoolery blend beautifully together in Delirium’s Daughters, playwright Nicholas Korn’s new comic and heartfelt romp that lovingly captures the spirit of commedia dell’arte, staying true to its centuries-old theatrical roots while making it delightedly accessible to modern audiences.
Read the complete review…| January 20, 2015 | Staff (Article)
Four suitors, three daughters, what’s a father to do? Nicholas Korn’s Delirium’s Daughters will play a limited engagement off-Broadway from February 26 through March 14.
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Revel’s Rivals
Film | 2012 Louisville International Festival of Film

Feature Director Interview | Reallusion Software Site (Interview)
Q: How did you come out the ideas of creating “Revel’s Rivals”? A: I have a lot of history and experience in live theater. I ran a theater company here in Cincinnati, OH from 1998-2003. We produced over 23 shows, and some of the scripts were things I had written.
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The Antic in Romantic
Arkansas Rep | 2006 Kaufman and Hart Prize for New American Comedy

Cincinnati CityBeat | August 9, 2006 | Rick Pender (Article)
For several seasons local director, actor and writer NICHOLAS KORN entertained theatergoers with his classically-inspired plays. His company, Stage First Cincinnati, closed in 2003, but Korn continues to write, and he recently spent a weekend in Little Rock, Ark., seeing his comic script, The Antic in Romantic, in a professional reading concluding the biennial Kaufman & Hart Prize for New American Comedy at Arkansas Repertory Theatre.
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Playbill | May 18, 2006 | Robert Simonson (Article)
Finalists were Nicholas Korn, author of The Antic in Romantic, a modern-day commedia, and Kenneth N. Kurtz, author of Merde De Canard: A Comedy of Seven Doors and Eight Automatons, a farce.
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Random Press

Cincinnati Magazine | September, 2001 | (Article)
Korn grew up in Louisville and graduated from Northwestern with a bachelor’s in English. He stayed in Chicago after college, doing theater and improvisation and eventually making the requisite pilgrimage to New York City.
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