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Triumvirate Artists is producing my stage comedy, Delirium’s Daughters,  in NYC at The Clurman Theatre from July 29-September 20, 2015. This is an extension from the studio production that ran from February 26-March 14 at the Studio Theatre at Theatre Row (41o W. 42nd Street).

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Reviews from Studio Production

NY Theatre Guide • March 2, 2015
Delirium’s Daughters is a witty, funny and delightful comedy that is easily one of the best shows currently in New York. The premise is straight out of the Restoration comedies, if not Shakespeare or even Aristophanes. A father has three daughters, and the three daughters have four suitors. Three of the suitors are conventional and perfectly acceptable, while the fourth is a lovable rogue.
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Talking Broadway • February 28, 2015
Farce, slapstick, and general tomfoolery blend beautifully together in Delirium’s Daughters, playwright Nicholas Korn’s new comic and heartfelt romp that lovingly captures the spirit of commedia dell’arte, staying true to its centuries-old theatrical roots while making it delightedly accessible to modern audiences.
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Here’s the Storyline

A kind old gentleman believes his deceased wife has forbid their three daughters to marry, until one of the suitors plays a series of tricks that helps him deal with his loss and recover his sanity. A kindhearted farce based on the Italian Commedia Dell’Arte, with a touch of magical realism.

The Cast & Director

Here’s the troupe of terrific actors that will be performing in the show:


BranislavTomich nick bombicino Kerry Frances
Di Lirio
Branislav Tomich

Nick Bombicino

Kerry Frances

deannagibson Microsoft Word - stephanie kelley_SAG-AFTRA_AEA_EMERGING TALENT. EvanZ.jpg
Deanna Gibson

Stephanie Nicole Kelley

Evan Zimmerman

Jackson Thompson Brandon Beilis kathleen-buttler
Jackson Thompson

Brandon Beilis

Kathleen Butler

And the venue information:

Delirium’s Daughters
Theatre Row – The Clurman Theatre
410 West 42nd Street
New York, NY  10036

Production Team

Director: Kathleen Butler
Production Stage Manager: Dustin Z West
Casting Director: Erica Palgon
Sets/Graphic Arts Designer: Thomas Parkes
Costumes/Props/Photography: Jamie Nicole Larson
Fight Coordinator: Chris Michael Burke
Lighting: Alana Jacoby
Sound: Sam Kusnetz

Publicity: Kampfire PR
Artwork by Thomas Parkes

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  1. WOWIE Nicholas! Congrats and a Happy Holiday for you! I hope to be visiting my son and daughter-on-law around the end of Feb. and will certainly bring the gang!! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy who happened to be insanely talented.

    Wish you the BEST,


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