His Immediate Majesty: The Story

My next animated film – currently in production. Hoping to release this in fall of 2017.

Here is the gist: a newly ascended king, named Immedio II, decides to have his biography written in real time, while leaving the primary affairs of state to his sister, Verasina.

When a pair of ambassadors arrives from neighboring kingdom to propose a truce to a dormant war that was waged by their father, Immedio debates whether war or peace will make him appear to be the better ruler. In the interim, Verasina and the elder ambassador, Aratino, develop a platonic affection for each other, while the younger diplomat falls mindlessly in love with the General’s impulsive daughter, Imperia.

Love leads to war and war to love, in a comedy that questions whether anyone’s identity can ever truly be written down.

Random poetry for the eye.

Nicholas Korn