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    Delirium’s Daughters Coming to NYC

    My stage comedy, Delirium’s Daughters, is coming to NYC in February 2015! Read the latest updates on the production.

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    Watch My Award-Winning Film For Free

    Showing your film at a festival is great – but winning a top award at the event makes it just a little better. It was announced on October 9, 2012 that Revel’s Rivals won the award for Best Animated Feature at the Louisville International Festival of Film. The trophy – in typical Louisville fashion was […]

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    The Wild Sonnets

    Fourteen lines of ambling iambic, with internal rhymes in turn, and a couple of couplets capping the stanzas at lines 6-7 and 13-14. Wild.

Studio Notes


The Heisenberg of Everything

I think you may have already thought of this – but everything is Meta now. With the predominant adoption of social media, there is no activity that is not potentially postable. Everything we do now can become an object of observation. This not only changes the act after the fact, but even alters how we […]


Stradivarius and the Photo Finish

Saturday night, I am at a party and talking to a gentleman who is going on and on about the lost art of photography. The subtle glories of real film vs. the digital tools that essentially automate (or cheat) the process – the value of the hard work and knowledge that goes into working with […]


Diving into the Shark Tank

I’m not much for most Reality TV shows, but Shark Tank always intrigues me. I haven’t decided if it’s drama dressed up to look like business or the other way around, but each contestant’s segment is setup in a fairly theatrical fashion. The five elements of dramatic structure are all there: the intro of the product […]


Our Means of Making in This Noisy World

If you are a maker of things – of art – there has never been a better or a worse time to be alive. Our tools today are beyond exceptional. Anyone can make a movie, compose an album or symphony, publish a novel or book of strange and fabulous poems. Our means of distribution are […]


No Courage Needed

Rollo May published his (still fairly) famous book, The Courage to Create in 1975. I remember reading it sometime in 80’s after graduating from college, but don’t recall much more than the title. Still, it comes to mind as I have been thinking recently about the notions of fear and courage that are usually measured […]