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Delirium’s Daughters: Returns to NYC

After a great three-week run in February/March, Triumvirate Artists in NYC is bringing my stage comedy, Delirium’s Daughters, back to Theatre Row at The Clurman Theatre (410 West 42nd Street) for an eight week engagement from July 29 to September 20.

New York Theatre Guide called it “easily one of the best shows currently running in New York.”

For ticket info, cast list and other details, click here.

Read the reviews from the studio show…

NY Theatre GuideMarch 2, 2015
Delirium’s Daughters is a witty, funny and delightful comedy that is easily one of the best shows currently in New York. The premise is straight out of the Restoration comedies, if not Shakespeare or even Aristophanes. A father has three daughters, and the three daughters have four suitors. Three of the suitors are conventional and perfectly acceptable, while the fourth is a lovable rogue.
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Talking Broadway • February 28, 2015
Farce, slapstick, and general tomfoolery blend beautifully together in Delirium’s Daughters, playwright Nicholas Korn’s new comic and heartfelt romp that lovingly captures the spirit of commedia dell’arte, staying true to its centuries-old theatrical roots while making it delightedly accessible to modern audiences.
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Revel’s Rivals: Produced the Film Myself & It Won An Award


In 2012, my animated film, Revel’s Rivals, won Best Animated Feature at the Louisville International Festival of Film. You can watch as much or as little of it as you like right here on my site.

Most viral videos are about 2 minutes long – and this is about 67 minutes, so I figure it must be 30x better than the average cat video on YouTube. You can view the first few scenes – right here.


The Wild Sonnets: Verse on Video

Fourteen lines of ambling iambic, most often pent up in a pentameter, but occasionally not – read by the author and shown in stylish video. The poetry reading goes digital.

Read and hear them here…

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